Fydelia goes free forever in public health institutions

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Fydelia goes free forever in public health institutions

It’s January in Zambia and a client asks us the price of a large hospital rollout, which will be used to raise awareness for health issues and disease prevention.  They were stunned to hear the price – its FREE.  

From 2021 Fydelia no longer charges for its public health clients, globally.

“It’s a way we can do our bit, to give something back to society” says Steve, CEO and founder.  And there’s clearly a need for hygiene and health awareness, not least in developing countries.

Fydelia Visitor WiFi is the perfect way to deliver short but vital messages to the public, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be about marketing data capture either.  Each time a visitor connects, they can gain access to the internet after watching a short public health educational video, chosen randomly from a library of videos configured by the administrator of the venue.

Once the video completes, or the visitor has chosen to “skip” after a given time (an optional feature) , the visitor can then connect. They’ll see one of a set of videos each time they log in.

If you’re interested in cutting edge wifi technology for your business, please contact us now at support@fydelia.com or via our trusty Chat-Bot.