Fydelia UniFi Managed Controller

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Fydelia UniFi Managed Controller


Fydelia UniFi Managed Controller

Using the Fydelia UniFi Managed Controller

Follow these steps if you do not have a UniFi controller and wish to use Fydelia’s own dedicated UniFi controller


You will need:

  • Access to your Fydelia On Demand account


1. Create your splash page using the Managed UniFi entrance form and publish


2. Go to the Managed Controllers page

Click here: https://ondemand.fydelia.com/portal/managed-controllers

3. Choose UniFi


4. Enter a site name

Enter a meaningful name for your site.  This will be also used as the broadcast SSID for your guest network


5. Click Create UniFi Site

When done, the system will show a success message:


6. Choose the UniFi site you created

Since you can create more than one managed site, choose the relevant one from the list.  The unique site ID is shown in the list too:


 Note: You can use the unique ID to directly access your site, in case you wish to add additional SSIDs and apply additional security (e.g. preventing guests from accessing devices on specific subnets on your network).  The URL would be:  


7. Linking the UniFi site to your page

Since you can have many splash pages in your account, choose which Managed UniFi page you would like to link:


8. Click Connect Managed Site to Splash Page

This will now ensure that all access points that you purchased from Fydelia will redirect your guests to the chosen splash page.

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