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Using free vouchers in your Fydelia splash page

Vouchers can easily be added to your splash page, and mixed along with other login methods such as email capture or even social login.  This allows you to capture essential opt-in marketing data even if a guest is using a voucher. Adding vouchers to your splash page In your splash page editor search for the appropriate voucher form platform.  In this article we’ll use UniFi as our preferred hardware vendor. Navigate to “Splash Forms” in […]

Generating free voucher codes

Fydelia allows you to generate and print customised, branded voucher codes such as this: They can be downloaded anytime onto PDF or even printed onto Avery 5363 which, for example, allows a hotel receptionist to stick them to the back of keycard folders. With Fydelia vouchers you can: Limit the number of devices that can use one code Set specific durations for the code Fully customizse the logo and text Generating vouchers From the PORTAL screen click […]