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Finding and editing your splash page

When you purchase the Fydelia feature from MarketPlace, a default splash page is created for you. In this article you will learn how to: Use the account switcher List splash pages available Edit your splash page You need to be logged into your Fydelia account first.  Click here for the how-to. 1. Switch accounts Each Plasma Organisation shows as a new account in Fydelia.  They are created automatically. To switch between them, just use the drop down: […]

Accessing your Fydelia dashboard

In this article you will learn how to access your Fydelia account from the Plasma dashboard Retrieve your Fydelia password Steps 1. Click the dashboard link in Plasma 2. Choose the password retrieval option Since you won’t yet have your password, click on the link: 3. Enter the email you use in the Plasma Console 4. You will receive an email with instructions Follow the instructions to be able to access your profile, and choose […]