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Adding a certificate to a Fortigate Captive portal to prevent browser errors

Enable the Certificates feature If you are unable to see Certificates under the System menu, enable it here: Go to System -> Feature Visibility Enable it: Install your certificate Go to System -> Certificates and choose Local Certificate: Upload your certificate file: NOTE: You can use Fydelia’s wildcard certificate if needed, which will provide SSL for the domain: “”. Contact us for more information. Once installed, open User & Authentication -> Authentication Settings Select your […]

Key Announcement for UniFi API Users: MFA – Multi Factor Authentication with Ubiquiti UniFi in July 2024

Summary The company Ubiquiti has made a major update to its authentication protocols, specifically for the UniFi controller and UniFi OS consoles. By July 2024, all UniFi cloud accounts will need to have Multi-Factor Authentication ( MFA ) enabled as an added security measure. Guest WiFi systems such as Fydelia will no longer work with MFA accounts and you will need to take action in order to avoid service disruption Background If you are a user of Ubiquiti’s services and have […]

UniFi issue with iPhones – won’t redirect to the captive portal

No Internet Connection A common error you will see is “No internet connection” even though the device has connected to your guest network it won’t redirect to the captive portal: Solution In the past UniFi recommended to not enable HTTPS Redirect as it can intercept SSL traffic and cause issues with some devices. However with the newer controller versions of 7.x this is no longer an issue and, infact, is required to avoid this iOS […]

External Captive portal with Zyxel Nebula

Integrating your Zyxel Nebula Cloud portal with Fydelia is simple. PREREQUISITES: Setting up your SSID Click EDIT on the right side: Walled garden settings Adding your Fydelia splash page Note: Under “Captive portal behaviour” we have set the guest redirection to go to after login Simple as that. Guests can now sign in to your Zyxel network using your branded Fydelia login page.

Ruckus Unleashed External Captive Portal setup

Ruckus Unleashed is designed for smaller deployments and is known for its simplicity. It’s easier to set up and manage compared to larger-scale solutions like SmartZone. In this article we will set up an external captive portal on an existing Fydelia Guest WLAN: Splash page portal settings Choose Hotspot services Fill in the details as follows: In the AUTHENTICATION tab make sure Local Database is chosen: In the WALLED GARDEN tab add the splash page […]

Walled Garden and Firewall IP settings

In some cases you may need to update your walled garden and firewall settings. Here’s what you need to know… Walled Garden In order to allow some systems, such as Cisco Meraki, to be able to redirect the guest out to the Fydelia splash page, you will need to add walled garden settings. NOTE: If you use domain-based walled gardens, you don’t need the IP addresses. You will just need to ensure you add: […]