COVID-19 Track & Trace via WiFi

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COVID-19 Track & Trace via WiFi

On September 10th 2020, the requirement for Track & Trace was declared mandatory by the UK Government. To quote their website:

Premises and venues across England must have a system in place to record contact details of their customers, visitors and staff in the latest move to break the chains of transmission of coronavirus.

The good news is that you probably don’t need to invest in more technology, since most venues have some form of Guest WiFi system and, with the solution, COVID-19 Track & Trace can easily be added in just a couple of clicks. If you don’t have a Guest WiFi system, they are extremely easy to add.

In order to access WiFi, your guests usually enter their basic contact details, with optional opt-in for marketing, in order to access the free WiFi service. So we thought: why not use this for COVID-19 check-in too?

By enabling Track & Trace, your WiFi login page also serves to assist with venue check-ins, avoiding un-necessary administration tasks by your staff.

The system is extremely versatile too with these options:

  • Change the main image
  • Modify the default text
  • Modify button text, colours and position
  • Modify the duration that the Track & Trace data is held
  • Force accept-only in cases where the venue requires mandatory acceptance
  • Streamline your WiFi form by hiding the popup – i.e. your login form becomes the Track & Trace acceptance form

How do I download the data?

By default, in the UK, data is held for a maximum of 21 days. Just go to the REPORTS area of your management portal and download the COVID-19 Track & Trace data in a couple of clicks.

For venues, such as European sites, where the maximum days is different, Fydelia will only give you the corresponding date range of data.

Add Track & Trace now to your venue

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