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What are the top 3 most loved features of a hospitality CRM?

Hospitality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems are essential tools for hospitality companies to manage their relationships with guests and provide a personalized and exceptional experience. The specific features that hospitality companies love the most can vary depending on their individual needs and preferences. However, some common features that are often highly valued by hospitality companies include: All of these features are dependent on data sources such as Guest WiFi. Fydelia will constantly interact with your […]

Case Study: Seaview Holidays

An interview with… Josh Catton Manager, Seaview Self Catering Background Fydelia provided the WiFi Pass (free and paid access) solution to EnGenius Networks, who installed the network infrastructure at the site during the summer of 2020. Why did you leave your current provider? Previous provider was expensive and the circuit speeds were very slow. Too slow to offer Wi-Fi across 41 properties. Long-term, cost saving measure by investing in VoIP phones which needed a […]

Case Study: Great Northern Group

An interview with… Ash Dilks Marketing ManagerGreat Northern Group Why did you leave your current provider? We needed something more dynamic, and something that talked to the additional channels within our digital marketing strategy. The feature to generate Facebook audiences is gold dust to us. The ability to target people, via Facebook ads, who have physically visited our restaurants and used the wifi is highly valuable. Did giving you free service until your contract ran […]

COVID-19 Track & Trace via WiFi

On September 10th 2020, the requirement for Track & Trace was declared mandatory by the UK Government. To quote their website: Premises and venues across England must have a system in place to record contact details of their customers, visitors and staff in the latest move to break the chains of transmission of coronavirus. The good news is that you probably don’t need to invest in more technology, since most venues have some form of […]

Instant Provisioning with PlasmaCloud- A world first

In late 2019 Fydelia embarked on a rather different approach to Guest WiFi installations. It all began at the 2019 Restaurant and Bar Tech show in London when we met Marek Linder, the CEO of Plasma Cloud. Marek’s vision was unique – to provide a marketplace of applications from within their Plasma Cloud network controller, where you could purchase subscriptions to network-related services right there in the portal. To understand how unique this proposition was, […]

Free Track & Trace included

All venue splash pages, old and new, automatically have a Track & Trace option built-in. Thanks to Fydelia’s recent approval as a certified partner of VisitSafe by ImpactData, your venues instantly have options for: Automatic check-in via WiFi One-click download of venue check-ins Opt-in marketing Follows government guidelines on privacy All data entered in VisitSafe is held securely and is available only to the VisitSafe account holders. Visit data will be deleted as per government […]