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How to enable automatic email validation

With Fydelia you do not need to send an email to a guest for them to validate their email. It can be done silently and very accurately with our “Automated Email Validation” feature. To enable this feature: That’s it. Fydelia will now ensure that your guests enter an email that does actually exist. If it doesn’t, Fydelia will kindly ask the guest to check their email for a typo and try again.

Age-based marketing redirects

With Fydelia you can now target age groups with customized marketing messages after WiFi login. This will increase campaign engagement by making your offers more relevant for your guests. To get started, edit your splash page and click EDIT on the login form: In the CONTINUE URL section make sure you have the override set: Below that you can now add ranges for your preferred age groups: Notes:

DOB Redirect – landing page based on visitors’ age

This feature is very useful in bringing traffic to relevant age-specific landing pages. If you are already capturing DOB of your visitors, why not put it to good use and redirect them to that new offer that is perfect for their age and conversion is almost guaranteed! To set this up, you will need to edit your form settings, and just under the “CONTINUE URL” section you will see “DOB dynamic redirect” The default will […]

Custom domains and white labelling

You can create your own subdomain to white-label the guest WiFi experience. To get set up just point your subdomain to the IP: When done we will: The service has a yearly fee of £250/year Contact us now to get set up!

FB pixel for Fydelia

Step 1 (client does this): Find Your Business ID in Meta Business Manager Steps to find your business ID: Step 2 (Fydelia does this): Adding the a client to fydelia domains Steps to add a new client: Now, FB will allow events to pass-through from our domains to client’s FB pixel Step 3 (client does this): Getting the FB pixel ID. Steps to find FB pixel ID: Step 4 (Fydelia does this): Input FB pixel […]