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FB pixel for Fydelia

Step 1 (client does this): Find Your Business ID in Meta Business Manager Steps to find your business ID: Step 2 (Fydelia does this): Adding the a client to fydelia domains Steps to add a new client: Now, FB will allow events to pass-through from our domains to client’s FB pixel Step 3 (client does this): Getting the FB pixel ID. Steps to find FB pixel ID: Step 4 (Fydelia does this): Input FB pixel […]

WiFi Pass overview

About Monetize your WiFi by offering your guests self-service paid access to the internet, with Fydelia’s WiFi Pass system. Video HowTo Watch our YouTube How-To to get started quickly: Secure payments WiFi passes are powered by payment processor.  We do not validate or store any credit card information whatsoever. Setting up pass templates In the Fydelia Portal choose WiFi Pass and quickly set up your pass templates, specifying duration, number of devices and the […]


How to download your customer marketing data 1. Hover mouse pointer over VISITORS and click on REPORTS 2. Click on DOWNLOAD VISITOR DATA 3. By clicking on EXPORT you will download the report Prior to Exporting the .CSV, you can: set the last number of days that report will contain choose a specific splash page or generate the activity report for all splash pages by default, you will download all Opted-in for marketing, you can […]

Use your WiFi for COVID-19 Track & Trace

You can instantly convert your WiFi login page to a COVID-19 Track & Trace tool. Simply enable the option using the Multistep Marketing widget, and customize. Adding Track & Trace Here’s the full how-to video: Downloading customer Track & Trace data You can download the data in a single click.  Fydelia will ensure that only the required date period is stored. The default is 21 days. Go to Visitors -> Reports and download from […]

Purchasing vouchers with WiFi Pass

When you connect to WiFi you will have the option to purchase WiFi vouchers.  The voucher can be redeemed instantly, and is also sent to your email address if you wish to use it later or have purchased multiple vouchers. Purchase vouchers in 5 easy steps: STEP 1 of 5 First, on the splash page, click “Buy Vouchers”: STEP 2 of 5 Choose from the list of available WiFi passes: STEP 3 of 5 Enter […]

Hotel WiFi Features

Hotel WiFi requirements differ from the more common needs of restaurants and bars.  Fydelia offers solutions to cater for these differences in the following ways: Simplified pricing Fydelia does not calculate charges per access point or on a per-room basis.  Instead we prefer fixed per-venue pricing with rates that fit your budget.  Additional areas such as bars, restaurants, games spaces, spas and so on are all included under one single fee charged monthly or with discounts […]