WiFi Pass overview

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WiFi Pass overview


WiFi Pass overview


Monetize your WiFi by offering your guests self-service paid access to the internet, with Fydelia’s WiFi Pass system.

Video HowTo

Watch our YouTube How-To to get started quickly:


Secure payments

WiFi passes are powered by Stripe.com payment processor.  We do not validate or store any credit card information whatsoever.

Setting up pass templates

In the Fydelia Portal choose WiFi Pass and quickly set up your pass templates, specifying duration, number of devices and the price.


Aside from the standard fee for using the platform, an additional small fee is applied to WiFi Pass sales per site.  At the end of each calendar month we will generate an invoice on your behalf for the total sales, deducting applicable fees.  Deducted fees are:

  • 10% of net sales (excluding VAT)
  • Credit card processing fees (5% of net sales)

Get started

Contact us for more information on setting up your WiFi Pass at: support@fydelia.com

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