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COVID-19 Recovery Deal

In March we gave all our clients 3 months completely free, during the COVID-19 crisis. During July 2020, to assist our Food & Beverage clients with rebuilding their marketing databases, buy 12 months and only pay for 9. Prices start from just £10 a month for coffee shops, bars and restaurants. To get a demo set up, just click GET STARTED at the top of this page.

Marketing Automation is the key

No doubt you already have some kind of WiFi solution and probably spend time segmenting the marketing data you get. DotMailer, Mailchimp, they are all great but fairly demanding in terms of getting it all set up. You have a large email database, but which of them are your frequent visitors? Which customers haven’t you seen lately? Do they have birthdays coming up? That’s a lot of analysis and your marketing team could definitely use […]

Fydelia services go free

Over the last 3 years Fydelia has enjoyed phenomenal success with rapid growth in to Europe, USA and Australia. However given the current economic landscape carved by COVID-19, it is clear that the Hospitality and F&B industry sectors are suffering.  We already saw a drop of 22.2% on restaurant attendance during Febuary, yet the fact that this has only really begin to bite, and that the worst is yet to come.   With the UK Government […]

Restaurant WiFi – Getting the right balance

The bars and cafes in the busy thoroughfare of Alicante, my home town, are not usually complete without a noisy game of dominos slammed out by old men (who could easily pass for Jack Lemon or Walther Matthau), or gigawatt lighting that surely makes the upstairs apartment floor glow. But aside from that, which you can kind of tune out from, there’ll likely be a TV up high in the corner of the bar with […]

The WiFi incentive

WiFi is a powerful way to start a conversation with a customer, but let’s not forget that the reverse is also true. A customer can nag the poor unsuspecting waiter or waitress for the latest spring deals, voucher codes, upcoming two-for-one offers and so on. But if every customer did that, food would certainly be arriving cold, if at all. Incentivising the customer to hop on to WiFi is a great way to keep that […]

5G – the end of WiFi?

Will 5G Mark the end for WiFi?  We don’t think so, and here’s why: Speed Tech is moving at an astounding rate. Dialup networking is already long gone, with us iconic sounds relegated to samples on George Michael albums. ISDN and ADSL roamed the domestic plains for years in the late 90s and early naughties. But then came WiFi. Now let’s be realistic. If WiFi ran at 9600 Baud, like back in the 90’s, then […]