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iPhone QR scanning won’t redirect to captive portal

You may have noticed that iPhones do not close the camera when scanning an unsecure (open) network. Open networks are typical for external captive portal systems such as, so this presents a bit of a problem! Solution We noticed that iPhones do redirect correctly for secure (WPA) network QR scans. So to get your Fydelia splash page correctly appearing on a QR code scan, follow these steps: Happy guests! Now you can stick your […]

Walled Garden and Firewall IP settings

In some cases you may need to update your walled garden and firewall settings. Here’s what you need to know… Walled Garden In order to allow some systems, such as Cisco Meraki, to be able to redirect the guest out to the Fydelia splash page, you will need to add walled garden settings. NOTE: If you use domain-based walled gardens, you don’t need the IP addresses. You will just need to ensure you add: […]

Add VisitSafe Track & Trace to your splash page

Adding Track & Trace to your splash page could not be simpler.  Just follow these steps: 1) Add the MultiStep marketing widget to your splash page 2) Click EDIT on the widget menu 3) Enable VisitsSafe Track & Trace 4) Save changes and Publish 5) You’re all set.  Fydelia will now capture opt-in Track & Trace information

How to change the redirect URL after successful login

It’s easy to direct your guests to a website or even your Facebook or Instagram page once they have logged in to WiFI While editing your splash page just hover the form and choose “EDIT” Then scroll down the settings until you find the Continue URL setting: Choose YES and enter the Continue URL Note: Some splash forms, such as UniFI, also support the ability to send a returning customer to a different URL after […]

Enabling Fydelia Presence Analytics on Cisco Meraki

Presence analytics are really where Fydelia’s power lies for reporting. For detailed reporting you will need to enable the Analytics API on your Meraki dashboard.We’ll need to know your validator code for your WLAN used for the splash page. To get that, and set up your Analytics with Fydelia: 1. In the Meraki dashboard, under Organization, select Location Analytics.2. Make sure Analytics and CMX API are enabled3. Please reply to this mail with your Validator […]