Ruckus Unleashed External Captive Portal setup

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Ruckus Unleashed External Captive Portal setup


Ruckus Unleashed External Captive Portal setup

Ruckus Unleashed is designed for smaller deployments and is known for its simplicity. It’s easier to set up and manage compared to larger-scale solutions like SmartZone. In this article we will set up an external captive portal on an existing Fydelia Guest WLAN:

Splash page portal settings

Choose Hotspot services

Fill in the details as follows:

  • WISPr Smart Client Support: Enabled
  • Smart Client HTTP Secure: HTTPS
  • Login Page: Your Splash URL
  • Start Page: Your desired post-login landing page
  • Session timeout: Usually set to one day (1440 minues)

In the AUTHENTICATION tab make sure Local Database is chosen:

In the WALLED GARDEN tab add the splash page domain, typically “”:

Adding a Fydelia local user

In the System area click USERS:


Enter the desired username and password that you have used on your Ruckus form settings on your splash page:

Click EDIT next to ROLE and assign the permissions to the relevant WLAN:

Click OK to save the role

Click OK to go back to the main dashboard

Enable the hotspot

When creating your guest WLAN choose “Hotspot Service”:

Choose the hotspot service you created:

Save your settings

You’re all set! Guests can now authenticate via Ruckus Unleashed

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