Ruckus – SmartZone Setup Guide

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Ruckus – SmartZone Setup Guide


Ruckus – SmartZone Setup Guide

How to set up a captive portal with Ruckus/SmartZone

Follow these steps to get set up:


You will need:

  • Access to the Ruckus/SmartZone controller
  • A splash page already created in your Fydelia account using the Ruckus/SmartZone form


Fydelia page specific:

1. northbound secret on Fydelia should have 3 more “\” for each “\” , so we suggest avoiding “\” in northbound secret

Controller settings:

1. Set northbound secret, no username required for API


2.  Radius user used by splash page needs to be setup as localDB user


2.a Create localdb radius user: fydelia, pass: fydelia123


3. Authentication and encryption options need to be set to: None and Open


4. MAC address format lowercase without columns

5. MAC address should be encrypted

6. User ip should be encrypted

7. Smart client support set to NONE

8. HTTPS redirect Enabled

9. User session 1440

10. Walled Garden:


11. Firewall

12. NOTE: Add the northbound secret to your Fydelia splash page

13. You’re all set! 

Connect any device to your access point and you will now be redirected to the splash page

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