Setting up voucher pages with Plasma Cloud

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Setting up voucher pages with Plasma Cloud


Setting up voucher pages with Plasma Cloud

In this article we will show you how to quickly create an external captive portal that will allow you to:

  • Integrate Fydelia with Plasma Cloud
  • Monetize your WiFi by generating branded customer vouchers
  • Customize your landing “splash” page according to your brand

1. Login to MarketPlace

Log in to your Plasma Cloud account and choose MarketPlace

In there you will see Fydelia Vouchers:


2.  Choose your plan

There are a number of plans available.  Choose the one that best suits your needs:


3. Assigning Fydelia to your SSID

Once purchased, the next step is to ensure that the appropriate SSIDs are going to redirect customers to your Fydelia voucher page.  This is done on the SSID setting.   

a) Choose the SSID

b) In Captive Portal, select Fydelia from the dropdown


4. Plasma setup complete

From the Plasma Side, you are done and a Fydelia account has been automatically provisioned, and an initial voucher splash page created for you.

You will now need to set up a Fydelia account user for your client, so that they can manage their vouchers.  Click on the dashboard URL shown to the right in order to continue.

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