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Cisco Meraki


Cisco Meraki

How to set up a captive portal with Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is one of the easiest platforms to configure.  There are no settings required on the Fydelia side.  Follow these steps to get set up:


You will need:

  • Access to the Cisco Meraki controller
  • A splash page already created in your Fydelia account using the Cisco Meraki form


1. Go to Wireless and choose Access Control

2. On the Access Control page, select “open”

3. Walled Garden

Under Advanced Splash Settings, enable the walled garden and enter the domain

4. In the Splash Page section, choose “my RADIUS server”

5. Enter the following RADIUS servers

The secret is provided to you by your dedicated Fydelia Customer Success Ninja.

5. Now go back to your Wireless settings and choose Splash Page

6. Choose Custom and enter your URL

7. Choose the frequency

This is the session time, when you would like guests to be sent back to Fydelia.

Note that this session time can be overridden in the Fydelia splash page settings

When a guest is sent back to Fydelia, they will be auto-logged in and won’t have to enter their login details again.

8. You’re all set! 

Connect any device to your access point and you will now be redirected to the splash page

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