External Captive portal with Zyxel Nebula

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External Captive portal with Zyxel Nebula


External Captive portal with Zyxel Nebula

Integrating your Zyxel Nebula Cloud portal with Fydelia is simple.


  1. You will need to have a Nebula account with at least one of your Zyxel AP already adopted
  2. Be sure to check the device compatibility. For example the AX1800 (NWA50AX) does not support External Captive Portals. We used the AX3000 (NWA90AX Pro) for this article
  3. If you have any incompatible devices on the same network, the captive portal will not work for any devices on the SSID

Setting up your SSID

  • Login to your Nebula Cloud account
  • Navigate to Site-wide -> Configure -> Access Points -> SSID settings
  • Clicked “Add SSID network”

Click EDIT on the right side:

  • Set the SSID name
  • Enable the SSID
  • Security options -> OPEN
  • Sign-in method: “click-to-continue”

Walled garden settings

  • Enable the walled garden, and add the domain: ondemand.fydelia.com
  • Strict Policy – we recommend you block all access until sign-on
  • Click BACK to return to the SSID settings
  • IMPORTANT: We recommend you now click SAVE before continuing:

Adding your Fydelia splash page

  • Under Captive Portal Customization click EDIT
  • Enable URL and enter an External Captive Portal url
    IMPORTANT: The Fydelia splash page must be set to use the Zyxel login form

Note: Under “Captive portal behaviour” we have set the guest redirection to go to https://www.fydelia.com after login

Simple as that. Guests can now sign in to your Zyxel network using your branded Fydelia login page.

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