Guest Email validation with MikroTik

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Guest Email validation with MikroTik


Guest Email validation with MikroTik

With Fydelia splash pages you can enable email validation, which will provide temporary access to a guest while they validate their email.  Once validated, they will gain longer uninterrupted access to the internet with criteria that you specify.

In this guide we will set up two separate users and profiles in MikroTik:

  • A user and profile for the initial “grace” period
  • A user and profile for Fydelia to use for the full session time after validation

It is useful to note that a guest can validate their email from any device, even via mobile data and not WiFi.  The next time the device connects to the WiFi they will be given full access.

The steps required are:

  • Create the grace user and profile in MikroTik
  • Create the validated user and profile in MikroTik
  • Store these two settings in the Fydelia splash page

Creating a grace user and profile in MikroTik

Creating the Profile

  • In the IP section click Hotspot
  • Choose the user Profiles tab
  • Provide some name for the profile such as “Fydelia_Grace”
  • Specify the session length you would like guests to be granted for the grace period (while they validate their email).  In this demo we’re using 30 minutes as a grace period

Notes on this screenshot:

  • Session timeout set to 30 minutes
  • Shared users removed (unlimited)
  • Do not choose MAC Cookie as this has a different session timeout and handling
  • Apply and save the setting

Creating the User

  • Choose the Users tab
  • Click Add New
  • Choose Server (the Hotspot you created)
  • Enter a Name (the Fydelia username you desire) such as: Fydelia_Grace
  • Enter a password (you will need this later)
  • Choose the profile you selected in the previous step.  This assigns the 30 minute grace timeout to this user
  • Apply and save the setting

Creating a validated user and profile in MikroTik

We also need to create a second user that Fydelia will use when the guest has validated their email. Repeat the above steps:

  • Create a new profile for a longer duration, such as 1440 minutes (1 day)
  • Create new user called Fydelia_Validated, and associate it with the profile

Note that when their session expires, they will not need to re-validate their email.

Fydelia Splash Page settings

  • Open your splash page in edit mode
  • Hover the MikroTik login form and click EDIT

Enter the user details for both Grace and Validated users

Further down, open the VISITOR VERIFICATION tab:

  • Select the “Require Visitor verification” checkbox
  • Select Email as the verification type
  • Enter 30 minutes for the grace session details

Note: here you can also add your own custom logo to appear on the verification email that is sent out to the user


You’re all set. Your guests will now be able to access the internet for an initial grace period, and then unlimited once they verify the email.

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