Creating an EnGenius splash page

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Creating an EnGenius splash page


Creating an EnGenius splash page

When you are setting up your EZMaster controller, you will need to provide a splash page URL where guests are redirected to.

Follow these steps to create your first splash page:

1. Log in or register


You can either log in or register.  If you are a reseller, CONTACT US at to have an account set up for you.

2. Under the Splash page menu, Click CREATE


3. Enter a name for your splash page


This will be part of your splash page URL

4. Choose EnGenius


5. Choose a template

We’ll choose a hotel template:


And click the CREATE button at the botto

6. Save and publish

Make any changes you need and click PUBLISH CHANGES


7. Copy the URL from the browser


8. You’re all set!  

Your page is now published and ready to use.

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