Fydelia Dashboard Overview

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Fydelia Dashboard Overview


Fydelia Dashboard Overview

Logging in

Visit https://ondemand.fydelia.com and enter your email and password:


If you have been issued with a username but have no password, use the Lost password link to access the system

Account Switcher

If you are an agency or reseller, you can switch between your sub-accounts by choosing it from the dropdown at the top of the screen:


Main Panel Overview

  1. Splash page list
  2. Create new splash page
  3. Folder list (default is “Unsorted”)
  4. The hardware used by the splash page
  5. Delete page
  6. Page statistics
  7. Device preview (Desktop and mobile)
  8. View page
  9. Edit page
  10. Change the page name (and therefore page URL)
  11. Clone page 
  12. Move page to new folder
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