Purchasing vouchers with WiFi Pass

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Purchasing vouchers with WiFi Pass


Purchasing vouchers with WiFi Pass

When you connect to WiFi you will have the option to purchase WiFi vouchers.  The voucher can be redeemed instantly, and is also sent to your email address if you wish to use it later or have purchased multiple vouchers.

Purchase vouchers in 5 easy steps:

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First, on the splash page, click “Buy Vouchers”:


STEP 2 of 5

Choose from the list of available WiFi passes:


STEP 3 of 5

Enter your payment details.  Here is an example:


STEP 4 of 5

Your voucher will be automatically pre-filled in the form so you won’t need to type it in.

Also the vouchers you purchased are emailed to you in case you need them later


STEP 5 of 5

To connect to the WiFi, enter your details and accept the WiFi terms conditions, and then click CONTINUE:


Now you can enjoy the WiFi service.  Contact your site manager with any queries.

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