Piggy integration with Fydelia WiFi

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Piggy integration with Fydelia WiFi


Piggy integration with Fydelia WiFi

Integration with your Piggy account could not be easier. Fydelia will:

  • Add guest WiFi contact details to your Piggy account
  • Set the guest’s chosen opt-in preferences (usually 80%+ opt-in rate)
  • Avoid asking the guest for opt-in or birthday if Fydelia sees that the guest has already set those preferences in your Piggy account
  • Inform Piggy when guests make return visits (Proof of Presence)

Follow these steps to get started:

Add your Piggy API key

In the Fydelia OnDemand portal, open password locker and click “Add Entry”

Enter your API Bearer Token. When a valid token is entered you can choose the shop and subscription type

Click Update Provider

If you wish to segment your data from multiple locations, use the CLONE tool to create multiple Password Locker entries, one for each site.

Add Piggy to your splash page

Open the splash page editor

From the Data Connectors area on the left, add the Piggy widget somewhere on your page. It won’t be visible to guests:

Hover the widget and click EDIT

Choose the Password Locker entry from the list

Save changes and publish.

You’re all set! Your WiFi login page will now integrate with your Piggy account.

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