Integrating Fydelia with EnGenius EZMaster

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Integrating Fydelia with EnGenius EZMaster


Integrating Fydelia with EnGenius EZMaster

EnGenius could not be easier to integrate.  Get up and running with your guest WiFi in just a few minutes. There are no settings required on the Fydelia side. Follow these steps to get set up:


You will need

  • Access to the EZMaster controller


1. In the Projects menu, select Create New Project


We’ll call this one “Fydelia”

2. Under Hotspot Service, click “Captive Portal”


3. Click Add, and enter a Profile Name

4. Under Authentication Type, enter RADIUS details.

The RADIUS IP and domain details are available ON THIS PAGE

RADIUS Secret: (upon request)


5. Enter the Splash page URL

This is the page you already created in Fydelia.  If you did not, then click here to see how to create one in just a couple of clicks.

6. Save

Click Save Changes

7. Choose DEVICE CONFIG from the left menu

8. Click on your AP device name link


9. Under WLAN settings, click your SSID


10. Enable Captive portal

Click Enable and select the profile you created above


11. You’re all set!

Your AP will now be redirecting guests to your Fydelia splash page.

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