Zapier Integration Overview

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Zapier Integration Overview


Zapier Integration Overview

Creating an integration with your own Zapier account is simple and, each time a guest submits the WiFi form, you will receive the data into your own Zap.

IMPORTANT:  Fydelia does not receive data, therefore there is no API configuration required.

The key steps are:

  • Add the widget to your splash page
  • Add your web hook URL that is provided to you when you set up your Zap
  • Save Publish the form

Adding the widget

Edit your splash page and drag the Zapier widget on to the form.  You can place it anywhere you like and it won’t display to the customer.  We placed it in the top right area of our test splash page:


Edit the widget

Hover the widget and click EDIT.  You can then enter the webhook URL that was given to you while creating your Zap.  For example:


Save and publish your form.

That’s it.  You will now receive all form data in your Zap when the splash page form is submitted.

Warning – Fydelia will send you data even if the user did not choose marketing, so be sure to check for opted_in = true

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