External Captive Portal with TPLink OMADA

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External Captive Portal with TPLink OMADA


External Captive Portal with TPLink OMADA

In order for the External Captive Portal feature to correctly work on the OC200, we have found that you will need to be running V1.2.3 (Controller version 3.2.12).   We have a TPLink community forum post tracking the issues with the newer Controller version 4.1.15 which, at the time of writing this article, was not functioning as documented.


All OCXXX devices are supported however if you are not running version 1.2.3:

  • Download and unzip version V1.2.3 (Controller version 3.2.12) from here
  • Log into the OC200 locally (not via cloud) and choose UPGRADE in the firmware.

WARNING: You will LOSE ALL SETTINGS and won’t be able to restore from your backup file.

EAP225 V3

Fydelia should work with all compatible EAPs for the OC200 V1.2.3.  Fydelia has tested against model EAP225 V3.

In order for the External Captive Portal feature to work, we have found you need to be running EAP firmware version 2.7, and not later.  If you are not running this version:

External Captive Portal

To redirect guests to your Fydelia splash page follow these steps:

Create a new External Captive Portal entry

Create a new portal entry as follows, using your full Fydelia.com splash page URL:


Free Authentication Policy

In order for the redirect to function, you must allow the ondemand.fydelia.com domain in the walled garden setting:


Access Control

Make sure that the following subnet is configured:


Operator user

Create a new Operator user in the OC200.  These credentials will be used in Fydelia (see below)

  • Go to Controller settings->User account
  • Add a new user with Operate role privilege. 
  • Assign the user to the appropriate site:

Access Control

In order to allow the guest to be redirected out to Fydelia, you must add the following domain to your access control list under the Authentication menu:


Fydelia settings

In Password Locker, add the following entry details, using your operator username and password set above:


You’re all set!

You can now run your guest network using Fydelia’s powerful features.

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