SevenRooms CRM Integration

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SevenRooms CRM Integration


SevenRooms CRM Integration

Creating a live feed of guest data into your SevenRooms CRM account is simple. Just follow these basic steps:

Creating a new Password Locker entry

  • From the left menu choose Access and security -> Password Locker
  • Enter a unique name, so that it is easily identifiable later when we edit the splash page settings
  • Enter your client id and client secret provided to you by your SevenRooms account representative
  • Click Save Provider

Linking your splash page to your SevenRooms account

  • Edit your splash page
  • Drag the SevenRooms connector anywhere onto your splash page:
  • While hovering over the widget click EDIT
  • Select your SevenRooms entry you created in Password Locker
  • Enter the venue group ID (provided by Fydelia if you don’t have it)
  • Click Save Changes
  • Publish your page

You’re all set! Fydelia will now automatically push guest login data to your SevenRooms account

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